WIFFA’s 1st Annual Convention was Held in Shanghai

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On November 25th morning, WIFFA’s (World International Freight Forwarder Alliance) 1st Annual Convention was held in Shanghai. More than 300 GMs from domestic and overseas shipping companies, logistics and WIFFA’s initiating members from eight major ports of the country participated. WIFFA’s positioning, development strategy, WIFFA’s business model, rules and ways of WIFFA platform’s transaction were discussed in depth by all participants. At this convention, WIFFA branch offices of each port were established and members of WIFFA’s internal “Communication Center” and “Business Center” were determined. More than 100 big wholesalers with advantage lines signed cooperation agreement with over 200 space booking members and overseas members at the event.

Mr. He Zhuan, Rotating Chairman of WIFFA hosted the convention. Mr. Kang Shuchun, Secretary General of WIFFA introduced WIFFA’s overall development and service plan. He demonstrated the usage of WIFFA’s internal transaction system to all participants. Port Chairmen from Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen and Dalian made reports according to each port’s feature, organization structure, business plan and next working plan etc. Interactive discussion was conducted between Port Chairmen and all other participants.

Mr. Kang Shunchun, Secretary General of WIFFA said at the annual convention that under the pressures of the market’s competition intensifying, the industry’s model changing, the appreciation of the RMB and rising labor costs, the time of rapid expansion and capturing the market by traditional freight forwarding companies through price competition is coming to an end. However, the freight forwarding industry’s development prospect is still positive, the only thing needs to do is to change the business model. This transforming is not a single enterprise’s transforming, but the transforming of the entire freight forwarding industry, including production, trade, logistics, shipping and finance, to increase position, value and and ideas. In this regard, under ShippingChina’s initiating, the international shipping and logistics joint stock group company led by capital operation started its set up preparation. It was discussed in-depth at the annual convention by all participants. WIFFA’s centralized space booking, whole cabin booking platform started to operate and it was deeply concerned by all participating companies. In order to make WIFFA can truly provide effective services for freight forwarding companies and to establish the foundation of the China freight forwarding joint-stock group company, Mr. He Zhuan, WIFFA’s first Rotating Chairman and President of Ningbo Huanji Int’l Logistics Co., Ltd. together with Mr. Kang Shuchun, WIFFA’s Secretary General and CEO of ShippingChina and other staff from WIFFA Secretariat visited eight major ports since August this year. They visited 15 GMs from the most representative freight forwarding companies at each port and totally visited more than 100 companies, listening to their comments and seeking advice of industry development.

WIFFA has developed its members in 150 countries. 30 branches were set up according to regions, lines and special services. Special cooperation and business connection can be conducted between members. Members can develop their new markets, dialogue with the international high-end organizations and get more rights and benefits through the vast network platform. WIFFA is also China's first non-governmental organization. It will lead China freight forwarding companies into the international world and at the same time to blend international resources with Chinese market to create new business models and market value.